Past Events

Some memorable moments from the past

coronavirus fundraiser – February 2020

During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, GOAL raised funds to support Wuhan’s doctors and nurses. On February 16, the team raised a total of $5786.28 in medical supplies. Our donations were successfully delivered to the Wuhan area and helped the medical workers there. We hope to continue supporting our community as well as to others in need.

Ridge Scheduling – February 2020

On February 2nd, 2020, the GOAL team organized an online seminar that focused on answering questions from upcoming Ridge High School students. The scheduling meeting concentrated on providing a brief description of most high school classes, as well as explaining credits and the AP/Honors system at Ridge High School. A few of our older friends even helped to provide a brief, 30 minute Q/A session regarding college applications and AP/SAT testing. The event was a fascinating way to reach out to our community and provide a platform for parents and students alike to deepen their understanding of high school life! 


During the 2019 NYC Marathon on November 3rd, the GOAL team helped man the last water station in central park. The day was spent setting up refreshment tables, talking to the other workers, cheering on the runners, and handing out water. Overall, it was an exciting and inspiring experience as we watched and helped the runners achieve their dreams.